Thompson Printing Since 1954

All printed materials are not created equal. Producing a quality printed piece requires more than just applying ink to paper.

It demands the skill of experienced craftsmanship and a consistent commitment to excellence and technology. In over half a century, Thompson Printing has grown to provide our clients with a full range of printed communication services.

Thompson Printing

Built by Pioneers

EST. 1954 In a Backyard Garage
“My mother never complained that the basement of the house became the darkroom and was painted entirely black on every surface. No one will ever really know the sacrifices she made so that Thompson Printing is here today.” Herb Thompson, Vice President & Son

Our Company

The modern hi-tech printing company we have become would not be possible without superb quality, excellent customer service, honesty, community spirit, environmentalism, integrity and innovation; these are some of the founding principles that have made Thompson Printing the successful company it has become today. We believe in building long term relationships, this includes making our clients successful as well.

The company was founded by the wife and husband team of Mary and John Thompson. At a time when equality, open mindedness, inclusion and equal rights were not even concepts people had thought of, Mary was a pioneer of women in business, and a symbol of how we operate and strive for equality for all. The company is still 100% owned and operated by the Thompson Family.

The Thompson Printing story is about all the people, partners, suppliers, clients, innovators, and in a huge way each and every employee and each and every employee’s dedication to what we do and how we do it better, it’s all of these people that have come to be the Thompson Printing Family and are what has made this story possible.

“As our company approaches 65 years of quality printing and premium customer service, we stand by the fundamental principles the founders of our company built it on.”John Thompson, President & Son
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A Trust in Our Services

Thompson Printing’s quality service is at the heart of years, in some cases even decades of personal relationships with customers representing global brands from all kinds of industries

Over half a century in print


Just as printing has changed over the years, so has our business. We are pleased to embrace new technology while remembering techniques and traditions which have brought us success through the years. It is our goal to continually enhance our services while streamlining the process of getting the job done.

We pride ourselves on over sixty years of craftsmanship. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product strengthened by our commitment to excellence.

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Either by phone for the more adventurous, or e-mail for the bashful, we would love to talk.

Printing At Thompson Begins and Ends Under One Roof

We handle all of our design, prepress, print and finishing in-house. This teamwork facilitates an efficient workflow and optimizes the talents and expertise of each individual.