• Direct Mail
  • Marketing Materials
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Inserts
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • POP and POS Items
  • Labels
  • Calendars
  • Packaging
  • Postcards
  • FSI (Free Standing Inserts)
  • Flyers
  • Scratch N Win Cards

Production Services

A Sample of Our Offerings

  • File Preparation

    Highly trained and skilled team will ensure the files supplied are ready for the quality print reproduction they deserve

  • High Quality Digital Proofing

    Our Epson Colormatch System is G7 Certified to ensure what you see on a proof is what you get on press

  • Quality Print Reproduction

    Thompson Printing is a G7 Certified printer. Our goal is to ensure the printed product is consistent across all printing platforms (digital, litho, flexo-graphy, screen, large format ETC) and across all products

  • Complete Bindery, Fit & Finishing

    Being able to print a high quality print reproduction doesn’t mean the final fit and finish to any project is overlooked. Thompson Printing’s knowledgeable staff ensures finishing requirements are kept top of mind during production planning to ensure a quality finished print piece


Support Services

A Sample of Our Offerings

  • High Speed FTP File Transfer

    Our FTP Server is located in-house and connected to the outside world via dedicated High Speed Fiber Optic Cable

  • Proofreading

    Our in-house proofreading department will review your document and provide feedback on possible printing issues (i.e. lo-rez images, missing bleeds or bit-mapped logos) and also review the content for spelling, grammar, consistency, pagination and more PLUS check that any brand and/or branding standards are in alignment

  • File Updating, Correction & Manipulation

    When a project requires minor changes or updates our dedicated staff will ensure a seamless process complete with proofs and approvals prior to production

  • Design & Concept Development

    Our design staff and network of professionals allow us to provide design and concept from a business card and stationery to full colour multi-page catalogues, unique packaging and POP concepts. If photography or copywriting is needed, our network of strategic alliances means we can manage the entire process from start to finish

  • Project Management

    Many of our clients rely on our full suite of services, not just as a printing company, but to manage and coordinate multiple facets of any given project or promotion. Thompson Printing has always been successful at providing project management services for specialty out-sourced items and unique services. We ensure seamless client workflows and consistent quality work across all platforms

  • Kit Packing

    By providing kitting, fulfillment and warehousing services, Thompson Printing provides that one-stop shop experience. We will manage and produce all items or requirements, then pack them into custom kit packs and ship direct to dealers, stores or locations around the world

  • Inventory Management

    Our large computer-controlled inventory ensures product printed in high quantities to achieve economies of scale can be stored on-site in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse for shipping and distribution as needed across the planet

  • Variable Printing, Data Management & Mailing

    Our knowledge of Direct Mail, variable printing and data management means you can trust Thompson Printing to take care of your direct mail and One To One needs in one seamless production environment. We offer safe and secure data management to ensure client mail lists are not jeopardized

  • Worldwide Distribution

    From our location we can ship anything to anywhere in the world

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For All of your Printing Needs

Thompson Printing has the knowledge and skill set to help with any and all your printing needs. To learn more we invite you to take a full tour of our facility.

The Environment

At Thompson Printing we have always fostered Environmentalism and Innovation. In the early 1980s our company provided consultation with local post secondary institutions in the development of early Desktop Publishing practices that are still in use today.

Desktop Publishing led to a great reduction in the materials and waste generated in the printing industry and eventually to the complete elimination of film in the pre-press departments. Desktop Publishing led to the innovation of Computer-To-Plate which eliminates the use of film.

Thompson Printing is proud to say we became one of the first companies in Canada that successfully eliminated the need for film in the pre-press departments for making offset lithography plates.

Thompson Printing takes great care to minimize our environmental impact and footprint. As an FSC® Certified Printer, Thompson Printing is proud to be part of an organization and movement that is forward thinking enough to consider what we do now and how it impact future generations.

FSC® C013790

We recognize the benefit of being part of the local and global community, providing resources, ideas and actions that will make our community and environment a more pleasant place for all of us to work and live.